We know where we came from.

About Thomson Financial Partners.

We have been around for over 50 years using tried and true principles to help our clients reach their goals. We rely on our experience and the lessons that history has taught us. One of those lessons is that financial advice continues to evolve. We have a thirst for knowledge and work hard to stay on the cutting edge.

We also have a Client Advisory Council made up of clients, just like you. They meet with us regularly to provide brutally honest feedback on our processes, our plans, our shortcomings and our successes. They are our advisors, keeping us focussed on the most important thing – your needs.

We know what’s important to you.
Because it’s important to us too.

Our Values.

We believe in honesty and transparency.

We believe in capitalism and the market economy.

We believe that having the right attitude matters when it comes to your investing success.

We believe that peace-of-mind is a key component of financial planning.

We believe that we can’t be all things to all people.

We believe in the tortoise, not the hare.

We believe in advising and investing by way of process, not personalities.

We believe that we work with (and are thankful for) the most amazing team of support personnel.

If you believe we might be what you are looking for,
please get in touch and we’ll have a chat over your choice of beverage.

We’ll work together to take care of it all.

Comprehensive Financial Planning.

We use a team approach to give you the best possible service. We have different educational qualifications because we believe that no single person can adequately advise on all aspects of financial planning. We are typically paid directly by you for financial advice, so you know that we are looking out for your best interests.

Comprehensive Planning

We each have our own expertise.

Our Team.

We really want to become experts on you.

Let’s talk about you.

Keeping You Informed

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